Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services at Home in the Long Island, New York Areas

When our physical therapists work with clients in their homes, it’s not just more convenient for clients and their families, but it also encourages clients to keep up with assigned exercises and routines. Introducing physical therapy services into the everyday environment helps clients build strength and mobility in the place they feel most comfortable. At Ideal Home Care Services, we provide services to both seniors and the general population in the Long Island, New York area, by providing licensed, in-home physical therapy services.

Son helping senior father in wheelchair

Supporting Recovery and Mobility

Son helping senior father in wheelchair

Clients require physical therapy services for many reasons, especially when they have suffered injuries or falls, are recovering from surgery, or are experiencing pain. Those who have limited mobility or increased pain often find it difficult to travel to the office of their physical therapist. Family members or other caregivers may have trouble helping clients get in and out of cars, or even walk into buildings. When physical therapy services come to the client at home, all these problems are solved.

Home-based physical therapy services can help clients:

Nurse making a house visit to a senior patient

About Our In-Home Care Team

Physical therapy services can be an important addition to the client’s home care team. Depending on needs, physical therapy can be provided along with skilled nursing care or personal care services Physical therapy is also available as a stand-alone service.

No matter how many types of services are provided, the Ideal Home Care Team works together, making sure the client receives the greatest benefit. Consisting of licensed professionals, the team of nurses, aides, and physical therapists from Ideal Home Care Services works together to create a caring environment that is respectful of client dignity, and that encourages independence. We strive to always communicate with the healthcare team, family members, and doctors, sharing timely updates on the client’s progress.

Learn More about Physical Therapy Services at Home

At every stage of life, physical therapy services may be needed. At Ideal Home Care Services, we serve clients of all ages, including seniors, who need help with self-care or recovery at home. Whether recuperating after a car accident or learning to use a new hip, we provide licensed professional therapists to help with the healing process. For more information about our in-home physical therapy services in the Long Island, NY area, contact us today.

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