Homemaker Services

Due to a variety of reasons, it can become difficult to manage and stay on top of day-to-day tasks at home. That’s why Ideal Home Care Services is here for families in the Long Island, New York area with homemaker services. Our professional and compassionate team of homemaker providers will assist you or your loved ones with a host of trusted in-home services. We are proud to serve anyone who may need our help, including individuals recovering from surgery or illness, expectant mothers, veterans, physically challenged individuals, and elderly adults.  Learn more about our team and our mission at Ideal Home Care Services, and browse our informative resources.

What Are Homemaker Services?

While nurses and in-home care aids focus on assisting patients with their medical needs, a homemaker focuses more on the non-health-related needs of the client. This encompasses providing help with daily tasks that the individual cannot do alone. Homemaker providers can assist by doing what the client can no longer do, or they can aid the individual by simply being there to assist when needed. For instance, some people may only need help with preparing meals or getting groceries, while others may require aid with household chores from morning until night.

Our Homemaker Services

The personal care and homemaker providers at Ideal Home Care Services provide in-home services with dignity, respect, and compassion, including the following relief and support:

Light Housekeeping

We understand how tough housekeeping can quickly become for older adults or individuals experiencing hardships. Our light housekeeping services involve aiding in the tasks that may become difficult for you or your loved ones to perform, such as:
Son helping senior father in wheelchair


If mobility is a concern, it can be difficult to access washer and dryer machines. We are happy to assist our clients with doing their laundry, including:

  • Washing and drying clothes
  • Folding and putting clean clothing away
  • Ironing garments


Allow Ideal Home Care Services to run your errands or those of a loved one. For safety, we refrain from driving with our clients in the car, but we are here to pick up necessary items and prescriptions or perform any other errands required. We encourage our clients to always communicate their errand needs with us, so our caregivers can make the appropriate arrangements.

Meal Prep

Senior woman smiling with nurse

The professional homemakers at Ideal Home Care Services are always willing to assist clients with cooking and meal preparations. Whether a loved one needs help with preparing meals or just wants someone to make them a home-cooked dinner, we can answer the call. If an individual has food restrictions or special dietary needs, we’ll also ensure to accommodate those requirements.

A homemaker services provider talks with a client who is about to eat a meal

Gain Peace of Mind

Ideal Home Care Services understands that your loved ones must get the attention and assistance they need and deserve. Our homemaker caregivers will provide you with peace of mind and dedication in assisting your loved ones in their own homes. In addition, we work directly with you to build a schedule for visiting times and discuss which tasks we should address most frequently.

What’s more, our company acknowledges the concern and difficulty that can come along with seeing a loved one in need of assistance. Therefore, you can trust that we hire the most qualified caregivers who exemplify extreme patience, kindness, and civility. We have the necessary skills and resources to provide you with relief, knowing that your loved one will receive the best care from us.

Obtain Exceptional Care From Ideal Home Care Services

If you or a loved one requires homemaker services or other personal care services, you can count on Ideal Home Care Services to serve you. We invite you to get in touch with our team to discuss your unique circumstances and form the in-home care plan you can always count on. Contact us today to learn more about our homemaker services in the Long Island, NY area.

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