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At Ideal Home Care, we focus on the care of your loved one with compassion, respect and dignity. This time in your loved ones life can be very stressful and we at Ideal Home Care help you and your family make the correct, educated choices for your loved one.

We understand every situation and client budget is different. We work with each client to maximize your budget and level of care. We have over 50 years experience and thousands of clients, we have a process in place that will set up fast, efficient, cost effective care.

Keeping your loved on active is a key to them thriving in their own home or residence. Our caregivers interact with them with activities from board games and reading to conversations and walks. Their training helps them maximize the in home experience for your loved one.

Respite care also known as family caregiver relief
One aspect of caring for a loved one is the unexpected physical and emotional exhaustion one receives form providing this care. Our respite care services will provide the break a person needs from the continued care of their loved one.

Medication Reminders
A large problem many of our clients face is not remembering to take their medication. Our caregivers can’t administer medications, but they will make sure that medications are taken every day and on time.

Monitor Changes
You can’t be with your loved one full time. Over time the individual may show signs of various changes. Our caregivers will be able to monitor your loved one and note any changes they may see. Once these are reported we will contact you for a discussion and proper course of action to take for your loved one.

Home Safety
Safety for our clients is one of our top priorities. Our Companions will ensure that your loved one is safe at all times by keeping the home clutter free. This will be done with the utmost respect and dignity.

Light Housekeeping
At some point your loved one may find it difficult to perform certain tasks around the house. We offer a light housekeeping service for them. These duties will include but not limited to:

• Empty your trash
• Vacuum your carpet
• Keep your counters and sinks clean
• Make the beds
• Change your linens

Our caregivers will help will help wash, fold and put away your clothes

Driving for your loved one may become potentially hazardous and safety is the number one concern for you and us. Our caregivers will pick up your dry cleaning, prescriptions, groceries and anything else you might need. This will ensure a normal existence with little to no change in daily routine.

Meal Preparation
Many of our clients have certain diets they need to follow due to certain medical conditions. Other clients may just not have the capacity to prepare meals for themselves. Our caregivers will help you prepare a hot, nutritious and delicious meal/s for your loved ones.

Light Exercise
Exercise plays a vital role in one’s life, it means staying physically fit, hence staying healthy. They can help incorporate some simple and light exercises into your activities and these include taking walks, dancing, gardening, stretching and swimming.

Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s Care
They are more than willing and able to work with those with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s diseases. From providing hospice relief, respite relief, or full-fledged assistance, we will be there with you every step of the way providing the support that you and your loved one need.

Whether it’s a nursing home, rehabilitation facility or hospital pickup, visiting a friend, a shopping trip, a trip to or from the airport, a trip to a family event, or a regular doctor’s appointment, our companions can provide transportation. They can remain with your loved one during your family event and provide the necessary assistance your loved one might need. Therefore, allowing you the freedom to entertain your guests

Professional nursing assistance
Some of our clients take an average of 4-5 different medications daily. Keeping the daily medication regiment correct takes organization that your loved one many not be able to accomplish. We provide a medication management program; which facilitates appropriate use of medications and ensuring efficacy, safety, and adherence. One of Our professional Registered Nurses will go over each medication with you and/or your family and answer any questions that you might have. We can also be a liaison between you, your healthcare providers and your pharmacist. Together we can reduce the risks of potential medication errors. Our skilled nursing staff is trained to identify and side effects or other potential issues when a loved one is prescribed a new or increased dosage on a medication.

An abnormal blood pressure can be the sign of a bigger health problem. We provide blood pressure management; we educate you about modified and non-modified risk factors and we will report any abnormal result to your primary care provider at your request.

All these services can help your loved one stay in their own home safely and comfortably for as long as possible.

Home Repair
Often times, seniors are subjected to fraud and other unfair treatments from other service providers. At Ideal Home Care we have a “minor home repair” program. No need to call a plumber for your leaky faucet, an electrician for your loose electrical wires or plates, or a handy man to install a shelf. You have a home care provider that seniors can trust to take care of those minor home repairs.

All of our skilled services are performed by qualified registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. These services include:

• Dispensing medication
• Blood sugar management
• Wound care and more.

If your loved one requires any type of prescribed services, include physical, occupational and speech therapies. We ensure that these services are provided by our licensed professionals. These therapists will report back to the necessary members of the health care team so that any progress, either positive or negative, can be addressed.

If your loved one is not able to perform the tasks of daily living our home health aides and personal care aides provide services such as bathing, showering, toileting, dressing, feeding, ambulation, transfers and more.

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