Challenges In The Home Care Industry By: Robert Rivera
10 Aug

Challenges In The Home Care Industry By: Robert Rivera

The senior population is growing. We face multiple challenges. These challenges are not only affecting the home care industry They are also affecting the seniors in need of assistance as well as their family members. One of the challenges is the shortage of Health Care workers, the lack of proper training and sometimes the lack of commitment from these workers. To alleviate these challenges the spokesperson for Ideal Home Care, CapenterLaborde said the CEO of the company founded a training school called Ideal School of Allied HealthCare.

At Ideal school individuals are not only trained to become nursing assistants, pharmacy technicians, EKG & Phlebotomy technicians but there is a focus on training individuals to become home health aides. They are trained by qualified, licensed registered nurses. In fact, the CEO of Ideal Home Care is also a registered nurse. She devotes her time to trainpeople to become Home Health Aides. She presses five qualities that are necessary when caring for the sick & vulnerable population. These qualities are reliability, punctuality, dependability, compassion and caring. Her goal is twofold after training individuals who have successfully completed the home health aide training they are hired by Ideal Home Care. Ideal School also refers the home health aide graduates to other homecare agencies in the community. These agencies have called to say that they have received higher satisfactions when they receive graduates of ISAHC with their own clients and it’s because they were well trained by Ideal School Instructors.

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